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I would like to somehow delete the “- – – -” thing near the testimonial (quote) author. DO you think it is actually possible?

Please change the file in theme folder: /theone/functions/pagebuilder/module/testimonials.php
remove here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7yxertm78bh8yec/QQ20160622-0.jpg?dl=0

Also I cannot see clients section name (It’s there but it’s not visible please look: http://www.seedofcolor.com)
Do you think that I can do anything so that the icons in services are smoothly coming together and don’t get stuck?

Yes, there is not client on your page now. The clients module seems be removed.
I’ll check the icon box issue later

I cannot find an option to replace current background video.

Please find and edit it in slider(BM slider/all slider)

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