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still having the same problem mentioned above with the gallery editor.
Displays an infinite loading icon instead of the images contained in the article.
I’ve tried a ton of different things, including changing lines in media-models.min.js (“Math.floor(this.length/e.posts_per_page)+1” to “Math.round(this.length/e.posts_per_page)+1”), still doesn’t work. Tried editing on another browser and another computer, same problem : images displayed for half a second and then loading icon, which spins indefinitely.
And I can’t seem to update the Flowfolio theme, it doesn’t appear as updatable in my themes list. Any idea on how to upgrade manually?
I desperately need the gallery editor to work in order to change the order in which images are dispayed within the article. If you have an idea for an alternate way to do this, I’m all ears.

And I have yet another issue : the .favicon to be displayed in the browser tab doesn’t work : instead I get your “UX” favicon. any idea on how to solve this? I tried uploading it in the theme editor tab, never works.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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