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Thanks for your quick reply on this issue. Sorry about the link. It’s antoniojackson.org I think I resolved the problem just by chance. I was looking at the documentation and noticed that I could use the “noajax” under the ‘Link Relationship’ tab under the Menu section. I tried it and when I used it for specific pages it actually loaded the content and allowed me to use the submission button and form for the plugin ‘WP Reviews’. It still doesn’t work for my ‘User Pro’ plugin, but I’m going to use the ‘Buddypress’ plugin instead.

Now I have another issue with using the gallery. You can close this ticket and I will open another one for the Gallery issue.

Thanks so much for you swift response on this. You have great support and an awesome theme. I will submit a new ticket for the issue I’m having with the gallery.


Thanks again!

Antonio Jackson

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