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If you want to use pagebuilder in portfolio post, please deactivate “Use Portfolio Template” option

Hi, thank you for the reply.

Maybe i was unclear?
If i do turn off the portfolio template, it kind of kills the purpose of the portfolio in the first place.
I have 20 or so portfolio-posts at this moment. I guess i could do them from scratch, but then why use the
theme in the first place?

I like the way all the thumbnails behave and look as of this moment.

But, when you enter a post, all the thumbnails disapear, wich makes it very hard to navigate.
Even with the next and previuos, it is hard to navigate.

Sp, it would be very good if there is a way to put all the nice thumbnails on the bottom on every post, so that the visitor have some kind of way to navigate easy.

Maybe it is possible to show the selected post straight on the landingpage instead, without leaving it,

Whatever soulution that fixes this is awesome.
Where do i begin?