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Sure, urmyfriend. Thanks for answering me.

My main site is at: http://bgbg.mx/wordpress/

There you can see a slider in a separate full-width conatiner, and then another full-width-container with four modules: a) a full-width text module, then an icon box module with 7 elements, then a divider-with-text 1/4 width, and finally a carousel module 3/4 width.

A. CSS per element:

    I want to have the seventh icon-box element to be centered.
    I want the slider to be closer to the next full-width container (the gap is too much for my needs, and what you see is the default spacing, with NO bottom nor upper margins set).
    I want some of the other icon-box elements to have special background or margins/paddings/fonts.
    I guess if I have a different id# (not class) for any element, I can easily change the CSS for that element.

B:(Something different from the title)
How do I change the effect in icon-box, so on mouse hover, the icon flips AND changes color, instead of only changing color?

Best regards,

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