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Thanks, this works a little bit better 🙂

I am still having a few problems though:

The custom CSS code from inside the theme settings disapears when I activate the child theme
The site logo also disapears, as well as the menu settings.

It is no problem to do theses settings again in the child theme, but I am a bit worried that something may be wrong, when the child theme apparently does,nt inherit everything from the parent theme.

I have replaced this piece of code from functions.php

if ( !function_exists( 'optionsframework_init' ) ) {

	/* Set the file path based on whether we're in a child theme or parent theme */



		define('OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_URL', TEMPLATEPATH . '/functions/option/');

		define('OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_DIRECTORY', get_template_directory_uri() . '/functions/option/');

	} else {

		define('OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_URL', STYLESHEETPATH . '/functions/option/');

		define('OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_DIRECTORY', get_template_directory_uri() . '/functions/option/');


	require_once (OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_URL . 'options-framework.php');


with the piece of code you provided

if ( !function_exists( 'optionsframework_init' ) ) {
    define( 'OPTIONS_FRAMEWORK_DIRECTORY', get_bloginfo('template_directory') . '/functions/option/' );
    require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/functions/option/options-framework.php';

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