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Hi, It is just a way, you need change the value, because I don’t know how many value you want to modify.

2) For the menu padding, if you want to more lower, change as 40px or 60px….:

.navi-side #navi {
    padding-top: 60px;


reduce the length of the footer

Did you talk about the footer area’s height? If is , use this custom css

#footer.footer-centered .footer-info .container, .ux-mobile .footer-info .container {
     padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px;

Did you talked about font size or font family? If talked about font size, use this custom css:

.copyright {
    font-size: 12px;

If talked about font family, please let me know which font family you want to use

FW: I noticed the custom css can not immediately work(maybe there are some cache settings cause it), you need refresh page 3-4 times after change the custom css.