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It seems you create a new template. The HTML tree should be same as at least:

<div class="content_wrap_outer fullwrap-layout">
<div id="content_wrap" class="">
<div class="container-masonry  ux-portfolio-spacing-40 ux-portfolio-spacing-20-mobile ux-portfolio-2col ux-portfolio-1col-mobile container ux-portfolio-full-filled-mobile ux-has-filter filter-left" data-col="2" data-col-mobile="1" data-spacer="40" data-spacer-mobile="20"  data-template="intro-above">
 <div class="clearfix filters ">
  <ul class="filters-ul container">
   <li class="filters-li active"></li>	...
</div><!--End filter-->
<div class="masonry-list     grid-mask-boxed-left  " >
    <section class="grid-item ...

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