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                                <div class="list-layout-col list-layout-col1 clearfix">
                                                <div class="list-layout-col1-item list-layout-item">
                                                    <div class="list-layout-inside">
                                                        <div class="single-image mouse-over">
                                                                <span class="ux-lazyload-wrap" style=" padding-top: 66.642857142857%;">
                                                                    <img alt="06" title="06" src="img/blank.gif" data-src="img/demo/cottage1.png" class="list-layout-img gallery-images-img ux-lazyload-img lazy">
                                                    </div><!--End list-layout-inside--> 
                                                </div><!--End list-layout-item-->
                                            </div><!--End list-layout-col-->

When I place image bigger than 1400×933 then it doesn’t show all of it, just a part.

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