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    We are having an issue with the Bee theme.
    We created a fullwidth wrap that shows the modules via tab.
    Then within the fullwidth wrap the modules we created are also tabs. The first tab module works fine but in the second module we can see for all the items only the content of the first item of the tab. So the rest of the tabs are not displaying.
    Same goes for the third module, where the first 5 tabs are not changing but the last two are.

    It is a bit hard to explain since it is tabs within an overall tab-wrap. But please take a look at this page to see: http://www.myapplicationclinic.com/resources/consulting-preparation/

    Since it works on some of the tabs in the third module, but not the rest it must be a bug in the theme.

    Kind regards,




    Sorry, it is a bug, please follow to fix it:
    download the file, unzip it
    – login FTP, go to themes/bee/functions/
    – upload / replace functions-view-module.php

    It would be fix in next version.




    perfect! thanks 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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