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    Hi, I have a question about moving the “sortable-bar” to another place.

    This is the website >> http://www.sugaretto.com where I used the Aside-theme.

    The homepage is builded with the Page Builder in which I inserted a “Fullwidth Wrap” where I added the Portfolio-module with the following options included :
    List-type : Brick
    Category : All categories
    Sortable : Floating

    You can see the result on http://www.sugaretto.com
    My client doesn’t like the sortable filter icon and where it’s placed on the page (on the right top of the page). He would like the sortable filter and the included nav-bar with the category list in the main sidebar on the left (under the main navigation) with the same functionalities.
    I’ve seen that the sortable filter is a part of the portfolio-module of the page builder. Is it possible to move that filter to the sidebar?
    And how can I change the filter icon?



    It needs change the template file and css.
    Try to move the filter wrap(https://www.dropbox.com/s/g507ezx3y02pabp/QQ20150220-1.jpg?dl=0) to sidebar.php
    Make the filter only shown on home page by css:

    .filter-on-sidebar {display:none;}
    body.page-id-1011 .filter-on-sidebar {display:block;}




    Thanks for the quick answer.

    Just a few thoughts about this solution :

    – If I copy the html-part out of the Element Inspector or Firebug it works (except the fact I have to hide the filter when the sidebar is closed and that I have to change the code manually if a new category is added) but how do you change the direction on which the bar is shown with the categories? 🙂

    – is there a way to move the filter-part to the sidebar without having to change the code in the sidebar everytime a new category is added?




    Welcome, you could use the jQuery to move the filter wrap to sidebar.



    yes, that sounds like a good solution. But how do you change the direction then in wich the categories are shown?



    Sorry, there is not other solution

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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