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    How do I disable the floating “Share Bar” at the bottom right of the screen (the + sign)?

    Please try to add the css code to Custom Css box of theme option:

    #float-bar { display:none; }


    How to remove it for only a particular page



    Whic particular page? Please give more details or paste a link.


    Want to remove it from this page –


    Ok, applied css
    .page-id-2397 #float-bar { display:none; }
    and it worked



    Glad you solve it 🙂


    Ok but it is still seen on all posts in blogpage category. tried css
    .category-blogpage #float-bar { display:none; }
    but not working



    I checked your site, the social bar is hidden now in http://www.istudioarchitecture.com/blogpage/

    The .category-blogpage #float-bar { display:none; } works, there is a way to find the class name by page source in Chrome:
    – open the blog category page, click right button of mouse at a blank space of this page.
    – the menu would popup, click “view page source”
    – find the <body , you’ll find the class name (screenshot)


    Yes it is hidden on main page http://www.istudioarchitecture.com/blog/
    But it is still there on posts (which are under blogpost category) like http://www.istudioarchitecture.com/why-did-i-become-an-architect/



    This is a standard post, http://www.istudioarchitecture.com/why-did-i-become-an-architect/

    there are:

    the code will work for all standard posts
    .single-format-standard #float-bar { display:none; }

    the code will only work for this one post
    .postid-2476 #float-bar { display:none; }

    the code will work for all posts belonged category “blogpage”
    .category-blogpage + #float-bar { display:none; }

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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