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    Receiving a lot of spam daily with the built in contact form even with the captcha enabled. Is there a way to stop this?




    The spam is too smart now, captcha doesn’t work. Please de-activate the captcha. Try to use akismet to anti spam:

    1) Install Akismet plugin, Activate your Akismet account and get your api-key following it’s tips;
    2) download(click) and unzip the file, unzip it;
    3) upload func.microakismet.inc.php and class.microakismet.inc.php to ../wp- content/themes/theone/functions/class folder;
    4) upload/replace functions.php to ../wp-content/themes/theone/ folder
    5) open contact-form.php by a editor, change as your api&site-url in line 22-24;
    6) upload/replace contact-form.php to ../wp-content/themes/theone/functions/pagebuilder/modules/ folder


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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