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    Hello I have 3 questions regarding flowfolio

    1. When viewing flowfolio on a mobile device and clicking on an image inside of a post, the image does not open up in a lightbox, instead it opens in the browser view. So when using the back button the user gets back to the main page of the website which is really annoying. Is there a fix so that the images opens in a lightbox like on desktop?

    2. Is there a way to show the full website url in the browser?

    3. Last question is related to another plugin which I’am using, maybe you can help me out with it. It’s called https://wordpress.org/plugins/wpmbytplayer/ this plugin allows me to add a youtube video as a background instead of an image. Unfortunately it does not work for the main page, it only works on each single post when adding the shortcode to it. Do you have any hints how I could get this to work with flowfolio?

    Thank you very much in advance.




    1. Please follow:
    download the file(click), unzip it
    – login FTP, go to: themes/flowfolio/js/
    – upload / replace: main.js and prettyPhoto.js
    note: before test, plz make sure to clean the browser cache

    2. I am not clear this question. Show where? on browser?

    3. I tested the plugin in local, it works, did you set the Youtube url in Home page background video(Settings / mb.YTPlayer)?
    Note: the BG video would not be shown in single post when the post set BG video with shortcode is clicked, you have to active the “Disable Ajax Load Post in List Page” option in Theme option panel. The animation would be forbidden.

    Best, Bwsm

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    Thank you for the quick answer!

    1. it’s working now, unfortunately I already had a modified version of the main.js which does not hide the side menu when clicking on a blog post. This is now gone. Could you send me a version with the side menu staying all the time? thank you!

    2. I mean the browser URL on top of the browser. It always shows the main domain name like: http://www.mywebsite.com
    even after i click on a different post. Is it possible to show the “real” url. like http://www.mywebstie.com/blogpost1.html

    3. Unfortunately this does not work. But I know it worked some time ago. So maybe there’s something with my wordpress installation or a plugin which blocks it. Thanks anyway!

    thank you!



    I removed the if( jQuery(window).width() > 767 ){
    out the jQuery("a[rel^='prettyPhoto']").prettyPhoto({...
    But I still you use my main.js, because it solved your 3rd question, you could use a compare tool to find the different place.

    download the file(click), unzip it
    – login FTP, go to: themes/flowfolio/js/
    – upload / replace: main.js

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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