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1/ I have nothing in line26. in line25, I have :

tb_show(“Insert Shortcode”, url + “/popup.php?popup=” + popup + “&width=” + 800);

must I replace this line ?

2/ about subscribe2, there is many functions js, and I prefered utilise mailchimp, I found a way to put html code in page “abonnement”, so no js script, no problem.

here is the link : http://wordpress.org/plugins/subscribe2/

Mail subscribe list need sidebar, I think, and there is no doubl-opt-in function, so I prefered Mailchimp.

3/ http://chantalhubert.net/toogle-with-bullet-list/

4/ OK pour SEO, I try…

5/ Ok, so easy, I thought about it, but don’t try…

6/ Thanks, it’s nice !!!!!

You’re really wonderful.