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hi, sorry about this.
to let interval effective please do this:
1.appearance/editor: single.php
2.at the bottom add this script:

<script type="text/javascript">
var trans = jQuery('input[name="trans"]').val();
var crop = jQuery('input[name="crop"]').val();
var autoplay = jQuery('input[name="autoplay"]').val();
jQuery(".image-wrap-slider").galleria({idleMode: false, autoplay: parseInt(autoplay, 10),				  preload: 5,showInfo: false,showCounter: true, transition: trans,						thumbnails: false, responsive: true,imageCrop: crop,});

to stop autoplay we need advanced our code functionality, this may be take some time.
please leave your email here, once we get it done, we will let you known.
thank you